The Room of possibilities in Re:view / Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki 5.4.-17.4.2016


  “There is a room in the Musée d’Orsay that I call the room of possibilities. The museum is roughly set up chronologically, and you happily wend your way through the nineteenth century until you hit this one room that is a group of about a half a dozen painterly responses to the invention of the camera. One that sticks in my mind is a trompe l’oeil solution in which a painted figure reaches out of the frame into the viewer’s space. Another incorporates three-dimensional objects into the canvas. Great attempts, but as we know, impressionism won out.”









12 chromogenic colour prints in Väriä / The Finnish Museum of photography, Helsinki December 2015 – January 2016


1. L´Arc de Triomphe, 2. Europide (,,hvide”) racer, 3. Triptych (1/3), 4. Suomi, 5. Lupaan että kansana onnistumme.,
6. Triptych (2/3), 7. BB., 8. A gold mine in the sky, 9. Man wearing a white T-shirt, 10. Building, 11. Coloured TV, 12. Nozzle




In A Flat 

A flat – Intermedia sound installation 

Free Art Space, Helsinki 10.-13.12.2015



“The Myth of the specious present” 



01.03.2008 Analogiset tv-lähetykset loppuivat Suomessa




HIAP Gallery Augusta, Helsinki in May 2015