Vital landscape


The embrasure anticipates a relationship between the bunker and the limits of the firing range; the firing slit, like the squint of the eyelid, reduces the visual field to a strict minimum, to the target, with the aim of protecting the inner organ – in this case the man aiming at the target – but this protection amounts to a gain in accuracy. Indeed, with the narrowing of the technological pupil, you eliminate the risks of shock that would destroy the human organ while eliminating in the same stroke the unvital sideshow of the landscape. There is synesthetics here; protection accomplishes accuracy and accuracy in turn protects. 

Paul Virilio (1975)

Vital Landscape (2021) 
Silver gelatin print, 192cm x 90cm
Sun (2019) 
Silver gelatin print, 120cm x 78cm
Eye (2021) 
Silver gelatin print, 144cm x 130cm